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SMS Seating Advice
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SMS Seating Advice

SMS Seating Advice makes it possible to carry out an objective analysis and selection of the most adequate seat and back supports.

Users SMS Seating Advice

We developed our SMS Seating Advice for people who are involved in giving advice on or providing specially adapted wheelchairs for daily, long-term use.
You may, for example, be a physiotherapist or an ergotherapist, a consultant or adviser for the inclusion of people with disabilities, or you may work for company that supplies rehabilitation aids.
The seating quality measurement system will help you to define a Set of Requirements (SoR), either for selecting ready-made solutions or for fitting someone for an individual seating orthesis.

A list of advantages

Standard use of SMS Seating Advice gives you a number of important advantages:

1. Improvement in the quality of life for wheelchair users
2. Objective analysis of sitting posture and seating support
3. Scientifically supported and product independent selection of seat and back supports
4. Optimal advantage/returns from the chosen aids
5. Transparency in determination and evaluation of the standard package

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People can have different problems, limitations and needs. Because of this it is definitely not the case that one specific cushion or material can provide the best solution for everyone. The SMS Seating Advice system is extremely helpful here. It comprises hardware and a software component. The attending or referring physician or adviser is led step by step through the optimization process by a computer program that informs the user, clearly and simply, about the various actions that have to be carried out.
The SMS Seating Advice begins with the optimization of the sitting posture by measuring the current posture and comparing the results with the values that constitute an anatomically sound sitting posture. The pressure distribution of the current seating support is measured and stored as specific index ciphers that are calculated by the analysis software. On the screen, these index ciphers can be readily compared to the index ciphers from new measurements taken using other forms of support. In this way it is possible to judge objectively whether any improvement has been achieved or not.

By trying various seat and backrest supports for the person in question, measurements can be taken to show which seat and backrest supports provide optimal seating quality for that person. The data and the observations are entered into the system on the spot. The system is easy to use as the screens show very clearly where which data has to be entered. The program uses the data to generate a report on the results automatically.

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